About Us

Hey reader, I’m a physics undergraduate student. Physicsread is my official website where I share my knowledge deeply with the world. And this website discusses physics and latex.

At present most of the students love to memorize more than to understand physics. As a result, the ability of most students to think deeply about physics is slowly declining.

The more you think about physics, the easier it will be for you. And, this physicsread website will teach you to think about physics.

The world is improving as time goes on. So, at the present time every student needs to know how to create a physics document and journal. However, in order to define the physics equation in this document and journal, you need to know about latex.

For this reason, this website discusses latex equations with physics.

Physics is as beautiful to me as my children. Physics is my love. I still study physics and will until I die. To be honest, the world looks too good for physics to me.