31 examples of distance with solution in physics

This tutorial discusses important conceptual examples of distance. And the answer is given with the example. So, you will have no difficulty in understanding.


1. If displacement of a particle is zero, then distance will be

2. If the distance covered is zero, then displacement will be

3. If a particle covers a minimum distance, then the relationship between distance(d) and displacement(s) will be

4. If a particle moves in a curved path. In that case, what will be the relation between distance(d) and displacement(s) of a particle?

5. Suppose, you move from point a to point b along a semicircle path. Then, what will be your displacement and distance?

6. The ratio of displacement and distance traveled by an object can never be

7. A runner completes one round of a circular path of radius r in 40 seconds. His displacement and distance after 2 minutes 20 seconds will be

8. The equation of motion of an object in two-dimensional space is, x = 5t² + 2; y = 2t² + 5. The motion path of the object is

9. A body covered a distance of L m along a curved path of a quarter circle. The ratio of distance to displacement is

10. A car running at a speed of 18 km/h, the distance covered in 3s is

11. Two bodies of different masses ma and mb are dropped from two different heights, viz a and b. The ratio of times taken by the two to drop through these distances is

12. The equation of velocity of an object v = at. The distance that the particle travels in the first 6s is

13. An object gains v velocity after crossing a distance h when it falls freely from a rest on the gravitational surface. And how far will the velocity be 2v if the object travels?

14. A body starting from rest and has uniform acceleration 8 m/sec2. The distance traveled by it in 6th second will be

15. A body starts from rest, the ratio of distances traveled by the body during the 5th and 6th seconds is

16. The distance traveled by a particle starting from rest and moving with an acceleration 4/3 m/s2 in the third second is

17. The initial velocity of a particle is 10 m/sec and its retardation is 2 m/sec2. The distance covered in the fifth second of the motion will be

18. A particle moves with constant acceleration for 6 seconds after starting from rest. The distance traveled during the consecutive 2 seconds interval are in the ratio

19. A particle moves on a straight line and velocity varies with time as v = 4t, find the distance traveled by the particle in the interval of 2 s to 4s

20. If a particle travels from rest at uniform acceleration and crosses the x path in first 2 s and the y path in next 2 s, then which of the following is correct?

21. A rock is falling freely under the influence of gravity. h1, h2, and h3 distances cross at intervals of the first, second and third 5s of the fall period. Then the relationship between h1, h2 and h3 will be

22. An object starts its journey from rest at constant acceleration and crosses the x distance in first 10s and the y distance in next 20s. The relationship between x and y is

23. The distance traveled by a moving particle is equal to half of the product of instantaneous velocity and time. Which of the following statements is correct?

24. An object is released from some height. Exactly after one second, another object is released from the same height. The distance between the two objects exactly after 2 seconds of the release of second object will be

25. Two balls are dropped to the ground from different heights. One ball is dropped 2 sec after the other but they both strike the ground at the same time. If the first ball takes 3 sec to reach the ground then the difference in initial heights is:

26. A particle moves along a straight line OX. At a time t (in seconds ) the distance x (in meters) of the particle from O is given by
x = 40 + 12t – t3
How long would the particle travel before coming to rest?

27.A body moves along the curved path of a quarter circle. Calculate the ratio of distance to displacement

28. The variation of velocity of a particle moving along a straight line is shown in the figure. The distance traversed by the body in 4 seconds is

velocity time graph

29. The velocity-time graph of a linear motion is shown below. The displacement from the origin after 8 seconds is

Area of the velocity-time graph represent distance.

30. If a particle is moving at a speed of v=|t-t0| for 2t0 seconds, what is the distance traveled by the particle?

31. A bird is flying in the sky along a straight line at v=|t-3| m/s speed. After 6 seconds the distance covered by the bird will be

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