How to denote forall(∀) symbol in LaTeX?

In LaTeX, the “forall” symbol (∀) is a fundamental component in typesetting mathematical documents, especially when denoting universal quantification in logic and mathematics.

Here we will explore various ways to use the “forall” symbol in LaTeX.

Default forall Command

The simplest and most direct method to denote “forall” symbol is using \forall command in LaTeX. This command does not require any additional packages.

  \[ \forall x \in X \; P(x)\]
  \[ P(x) \; \forall x \in X \]
  \[ \forall_{x \in X} P(x) \]
  \[ \forall x \in X, \forall y \in Y, P(x, y) \]
  \[ \forall x \in X, \exists y \in Y: P(x, y)\]

Output :

Use of forall symbol.

Use MnSymbol Package

When a different style of “forall” symbol is preferred, the MnSymbol package can be used. This package provides various mathematical symbols with unique styles.

 \[ \forall x \in X \; R(x)\]
 \[ R(x) \; \forall x \in X \]
 \[ \forall_{x \in X} R(x) \]
 \[ \forall x \in X, \forall y \in Y, R(x, y) \]
 \[ \forall x \in X, \exists y \in Y: R(x, y)\]

Output :

The shape of symbol has changed slightly.

Use FdSymbol Package

You notice use of default command and mnsymbol package in the above content. Where the shape of symbol is almost same.

But, fdsymbol package will return bold font style.

 \[ \forall x \in X \; Q(x)\]
 \[ Q(x) \; \forall x \in X \]
 \[ \forall_{x \in X} Q(x) \]
 \[ \forall x \in X, \forall y \in Y, Q(x, y) \]
 \[ \forall x \in X, \exists y \in Y: Q(x, y)\]

Output :

This package changes the font style of symbols from normal to bold.

Use Stix Package

stix package changes symbol shape from normal to bold and along with changing the font family.

 \[ \forall x \in X \; S(x)\]
 \[ S(x) \; \forall x \in X \]
 \[ \forall_{x \in X} S(x) \]
 \[ \forall x \in X, \forall y \in Y, S(x, y) \]
 \[ \forall x \in X, \exists y \in Y: S(x, y)\]

Output :

Stix package converts the symbol shape from normal to bold.

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