How do you type the h-bar(ℏ) symbol in LaTeX?

You can print the h-bar or Reduced Plank constant by default \hbar command in the latex document.

Symbol H-bar
Type of symbol Mathematics
Package (requirement) No
Argument No
Latex command \hbar
Example \hbar → ℏ

   $$ E = \hbar \omega $$
   $$ \hbar = \frac{h}{2\pi} $$
   $$ p = \hbar K $$ 

Output :

 H-bar symbol.

And different packages have the same command, which returns the same output. Examples are amsmath, fdsymbol, and boisik.

There is another type of h-bar symbol in latex that has structural light differences. For this, take help of boisik package.

   $$ J^2 = j(j+1)^2 \hslash  $$
   $$ J_z = m \hslash $$
   $$ \Delta x . \Delta p \geq \frac{\hslash}{2}$$

Output :

 H-bar symbol

Use another package for h-bar symbol in LaTeX like tipa, wsuipa, phonetic, etc.

The following program uses four different packages and different commands to define the same h-bar symbol.

Command (package) Symbol
\textcrh (tipa)
\crossh (wsuipa)
\plank (phonetic)
\textcrh (t4phonet)

\usepackage{tipa, phonetic, wsuipa}
   $ p^u = \textcrh K^u $\\[6pt]
   $ p^N $ = \planck $\left(\frac{w}{c}, \vec{K} \right) $\\[6pt]
   \crossh = 1.056 $ \times 10^{-34} J.S $

Output :

H-bar symbol

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