best classical mechanics books for you

Best Classical Mechanics books for You

You have read various physics books in high school. And when you get admission in physics in college, you will need a particular book for a particular topic.

That is, not everything in high-level physics can be deeply included in a book. For this, you have to study different books for different branches of physics.

When you study physics in college, you will see that physics is divided into different parts. Such as classical mechanics.

How do you read the classical mechanics book?

First of all, before reading the classical mechanics book, clear every concept of high school level mechanics. This will make it easier for you to understand classical mechanics.

Physics means twenty percent theory and eighty percent math. So, you need to have a strong mathematical background to understand classical mechanics. As such, calculus plays the most important role in classical mechanics.

And I would request you to spend seventy percent of the time on problem-solving. Because unless you solve the problem of physics, you will not understand how physics works.

Best classical mechanics books

The beauty of classical mechanics is hidden in each of the classical mechanics books we will discuss here. So, every book here is the best.

Here I will not make any comparison between the books of classical mechanics. And I would urge you to read every classical mechanics book. Because every book will strengthen the bonding between you and classical mechanics.

So, based on my experience, I would request you to read five books. Moreover, these five books on classical mechanics are very popular with physicists. For example…

1. Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor

This book is very popular among undergraduate students in America. And Newtonian mechanics is beautifully discussed in this book.

The most notable of these is that each example has been solved in a classical way. And here are a lot of conceptual problems, which if solved, you will be based on classical mechanics.

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics are discussed with examples so that you do not have any difficulty in understanding.

Also, the theory of relativity is included in this book where Newtonian mechanics is not applied properly.

2. An Introduction to Mechanics by kleppner and kolenkow

This is a very beautiful book, here every deep concept of mechanics is discussed with examples. Seventy percent of advanced Newtonian mechanics is discussed here. And here are enough examples for you.

This book is used for Competitive Exam in India. Such as UGC Net, Gate, IIT-Jam, etc.

This book is based primarily on Newtonian mechanics. So, you should definitely read this book to know more about every concept of mechanics.

3. Theoretical Mechanics by Murray Spiegel

If you are a new undergraduate admission in Physics then I would request you to read this book. This is because Newtonian mechanics is simply discussed in this book before we begin with classical mechanics. So that there is no difficulty in understanding a beginner.

Also in this book Vector Calculus is discussed first. Which plays an important role in classical mechanics.

You may have come across two types of measurement quantities such as scalar and vector. There is also a quantity that is tensor, which is discussed in this book.

There are also seven hundred and more problems in this book. You can definitely start reading this book on classical mechanics first.

4. Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldestine

This book is the most popular book in the world of classical mechanics. This book discusses the difficult concepts of classical mechanics. It is actually a graduate-level book.

I would not recommend any undergraduate student to read this book first. You will read this book when you have an idea about classical mechanics. This book may seem difficult for undergraduate students to understand.

So, when you read this book, you will enjoy classical mechanics very much.

5. Introduction to Classical Mechanics by David Morin

This book is especially used for classical problems. This book is a lot like An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow where the concepts of classical mechanics have been solved in the form of problems.

You will find the solution to every problem of this book. You can read this book where you have been introduced to Newtonian mechanics through various difficult problems.

FAQ’s on Classical Mechanics Book

Here are some suggestions on classical mechanics based on my experience.

How many total chapters are there in classical mechanics?

It will depend on the different books, how many chapters are covered in that book. I think everyone should read these specific chapters, whether they are in a specific book or not.

What should you know before reading classical mechanics?

It is very important for you to have a clear concept of high school level mechanics. And secondly, you should have an idea of ​​vector calculus which is used as tools in classical mechanics.

In addition to vector calculus, you need to have in-depth knowledge on another topic of advanced field mathematics. Such as Infinite series, Advanced Algebra, etc.

Which is the best book for hamiltonian mechanics?

Hamiltonian mechanics is a part of classical mechanics. So, the best book for this is Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldestine.


If you want to be a master in physics, you must read top-level books where every concept of physics is discussed in-depth with examples.

Thus, there are hundreds of books available in the market on each branch of physics. From this, you have to choose the specified books.

Many people are confused as to which book to start reading classical mechanics? This tutorial is written for you to solve this problem.

With this tutorial, if I have added any value to your life, don’t forget to let me know in the comments. And of course, if you like the tutorial, don’t forget to share.

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