How do you make a dagger(†, and ‡) symbol in LaTeX?

Defined \dag and \dagger commands for dagger symbols and \textdagger commands for special text mode.

Symbol Dagger
Type of symbol Mathematics (Matrix)
Package No
Argument No
Latex command \dag
Example \dag → †
   $ \dag  $\\ [6pt]
   $ \dagger $\\[6pt]
   % Dagger use in text mode

Output :

Single dagger symbol.

Double dagger symbol

Use of double dagger symbol is much less. And different packages have the same command. But, there are morphological differences between the symbols.

   $ \ddag  $\\ [6pt]
   $ \ddagger $\\[6pt]
   % Double dagger use in text mode

Output :

Double dagger symbol.

Use of dagger symbol as superscript

The dagger symbol is mathematically used as a hermitian adjoint. Below are various examples with the help of latex.

   \[ \textit{A}^\dag = \textit{A} \]
   \[ \langle P|\alpha\; as \; \alpha^\dag |P\rangle \]
   \[ (\tilde{\textit{A}} \tilde{\textit{B}})^\dag = \tilde{\textit{B}}^\dag \tilde{\textit{A}}^\dag , \]
   \[ (\tilde{\textit{A}} \tilde{\textit{B}} \cdots \tilde{\textit{Z}})^\dag = \tilde{\textit{Z}}^\dag \cdots \tilde{\textit{B}}^\dag \tilde{\textit{A}}^\dag . \]

Output :

Hermitian adjoint output.

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