How to denote perpendicular symbol(⟂) in LaTeX?

If two straight lines are at an angle of 90° to each other, then both straight lines are perpendicular to each other. This perpendicular symbol consists of a horizontal bar and a vertical bar.

Properties Value
Symbol Perpendicular
Package Default
Command \perp
Argument No
Example \perp
  \[ p \perp q \] 
  \[ a \: \bot \: b \] 

Output :

latex perpendicular symbol

If you look at the program above, you can see that the \prep command is used to represent perpendicular symbols. And \: has been used for space.

Many times, not perpendicular symbols are used, in which case the \not\prep command is used.

  \[ p \not\perp q \] 

Output :

late not perpendicular

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