How to denote similar-to(∼) symbol in LaTeX?

Similar-to symbol is a logical-mathematical symbol denoted by . Latex stores more than one command and package that represents a similar-to symbol.

Symbol Similar to
Type Logical
Package Default
Command \sim
Example \sim
 $$ a \sim b $$
 $$ p \sim q $$

Output :

similar to symbol

The best practice is to use the direct \sim command without installing any packages.

And multiple logical symbols are used with the similar-to symbol. Such as equal, gatearthan, lessthen etc.

  \lesssim & \gtrsim & \succsim\\[6pt] 
  \backsim & \simeq & \backsimeq\\[6pt]
  \nsim & \lnsim & \gnsim

Output :

Different types of similar to symbol

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