How to denote latex vertical dots(⋮) symbol?

Vertical dots are a symbol consisting of a combination of three dots along the vertical. With the help of this vertical dot symbol, I represent different mathematical expressions. Such as the matrix.

Properties Value
Symbol Vertical dots symbol
Package Default
Command \vdots
Argument No
Example \vdots →  latex vertical three dots symbol

To represent latex vertical dots symbol, you need to use the \vdots command.

   \[ \vdots \] 

Output :

In matrix, when n numbers element are arranged along the row. In that case, vertical dots symbol is used instead of representing all the elements in the matrix along the vertical row.

\[ \begin{bmatrix}
    a_{11}& a_{12} & a_{13} \\ 
    a_{21}& a_{22} & a_{23} \\ 
    \vdots & \vdots  & \vdots \\
    a_{n1} & a_{n2} & a_{n3} 
\end{bmatrix} \]

Output :

latex matrix 3,n

To represent the matrix with latex, you first need to create a matrix environment. And then you have to insert the elements in the matrix.

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